Thursday, March 16, 2006

Access internet hotspots in client mode with WRT54G

Linksys WRT54G (below version 5 because linksys later switched to vmware)

Load the sveasoft firmware. (I am using Alchemy-pre5.3 v2.04.4.8sv)

Put it in client mode with loopback off.

Here is a good tutorial:

ssh into the router and type:
~ # wl scan
~ # wl scanresults|tr -d '\n' |sed 's/noise/\n/g' |tr ']' '\n'|grep ^SSID|awk '{print $(NF-1),$2}' |sed 's/Mode://'|sort -n
-96 "zeus"
-94 "LF-X1U.00014A10A7C8"
-94 "wireless"
-89 "Doug"
-88 "GHOST"
-86 "linksys"
-86 "linksys"
-83 "default"
-83 "hpsetup"
-83 "linksys"
-78 "hpsetup"
-78 "linksys"
-74 "hirsh
-51 "link"

You will get a sorted list of the most powerfull access points in range.
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