Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Music secrets revealed

" Using Sox, LAME, FLAC, and madplay - I put together this "dictionary" of shell commands that can be run to convert audio from one format to other, including dialup-modem-streamable lofi mono MP3 files, and including shorter clips of music."

-Derek Silvers is the founder and sole programmer of http://cdbaby.com

Well done!

See the article here:

Here are a few other usefull linux audio commands:

mp3info /tmp/07_The_Worst_Hangover_Ever.mp3
48 kbit/s j-stereo (2m 57s)

sox /tmp/orig.07_The_Worst_Hangover_Ever.wav -e stat
Samples read: 15695872
Length (seconds): 177.957732
Scaled by: 2147483647.0
Maximum amplitude: 0.999969
Minimum amplitude: -1.000000
Midline amplitude: -0.000015
Mean norm: 0.237282
Mean amplitude: -0.000037
RMS amplitude: 0.312397
Maximum delta: 1.965851
Minimum delta: 0.000000
Mean delta: 0.163578
RMS delta: 0.230147
Rough frequency: 5170
Volume adjustment: 1.000
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