Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Using the Nokia 3650 for internet access -Windows XP

I bought the Nokia 3650 to use as a backup internet connection for emergencies or when I'm on the road. After a day of hassling with it I finally got it setup and working in Windows XP with my Kensington bluetooth usb adaptor.

There is a lot of information on the web about connecting this phone to the internet with a cingular sim card.

I saw that there are basically 4 steps:
1) Download and install the Nokia 3650 PC Suite and the nokia drivers "Nokia 3650 Modem Setup ",3048,3650,00.html

2) Turn on bluetooth in the phone and pair the connection to the computer.
3) Create a new dialup connection
4) Enter the username, password and number to dial
5) Connect

On step 5 I could not get past this error message when trying to connect:

"Error with PPP connection: 734"
"Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated."

As a test, I downloaded and ran the Cingular connection manager,
CingularSetup_4_2_7_1.exe ->

But I was getting the same error using both applications. I decided to call Cingular. It turns out that I was not provisioned to use GPRS modem because I was on the 2.99 internet express plan. They said I needed the 19.99 internet connection plan so I signed up for that and they gave me a user/pass to connect.

Dialup Connection Information:
Password: CINGULAR1
Dial: *99#

I have seen a lot of comments on the internet saying you can leave the username and password blank, or put in random text but this did not work for me. Without the correct username and password I get the error message:

"Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated."

They changed the number to dial to *99***1# but I also tested *99# for the number and it worked just as well.
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